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Freelabel is a sustainable clothing and accessories brand with a focus on freedom, creativity, and life itself. When developing the identity, we turned to the history of the issue of person’s individuality manifestation on the street and were inspired by handwritten slogans on posters made during the sexual revolution in 60s-70s. We have tried to recreate folk lettering made with adhesive tape and applied to cardboard boxes with technical information inherited from previous use. This is how a logo with different spellings of the same letters “E” and “L” in different parts of the brand name and a display font with alternative characters appeared. The main principle of creating text messages was the largest possible location of the main inscription-statement in a limited format. In consequence, there were also rules developed for working with such inscriptions, which did not always fit completely into a flat line on the posters. As a result, our font has become a striking element of visual identity and the main tool for conveying the values of the Freelabel brand.