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90% of the total trade turnover in Uzbekistan falls on the bazaars. This is due to the historical, cultural, and economic characteristics of the region. Therefore, competition with small retailers in the bazaars becomes a major challenge for large retail chains, including ISHONCH. Despite the fact that modern retail offers a more comfortable and convenient way of shopping, the majority of people still, out of habit, continue to go to inconvenient bazaars in any season and weather. However, we at ISHONCH, a regional retailer of household appliances in Uzbekistan, want as many people as possible to shop at our stores. Traditional bazaar shoppers. Our objective was to attract more customers and boost sales during the summer campaign. Summer daytime temperature in Uzbekistan rises to 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit). And this is especially felt in the bazaars. In 2022 , in just 3 days of extreme heat, 4 thousand people were hospitalized throughout the country due to heat strokes. Using satellite heat map data, we found the hottest bazaars in Uzbekistan and equipped them with cooling sale spots. COOL STORE is a place where you can hide from the heat in the bazaar and cool off for absolutely free. And also people in COOL STORE can buy products from the ISHONCH catalog with home delivery. Especially the products to cool down their own homes. In 2023 summer season, more than 20 thousand people cooled off in our COOL STORES. So the sales of appliances raised up to 19%. And our social media were heated up by the comments with a gratitude reactions. The budget for media, creating and placing our COOL STORES at three bazaars was less than $45,000. This is approximately 4 times less than the budget of our competitors, which they spend on placing TV commercials, digital promotion, and promo activities.