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The population of Kazakhstan is highly patriotic, taking pride in their country, language, nature, and traditions. There is a growing demand for local creative solutions, yet brands attempting to play on the identity terrain often resort to the most obvious stereotypes—steppes, horses, soaring eagles, riders in national attire—while Kazakhstan is a dynamically developing country with technological services and solutions. Altel, the first mobile operator in Kazakhstan, had completely lost its Kazakh identity by the year 2023. It was portraying someone else's glamorous life by the commercials shot abroad with foreign actor. As a result, Altel became totally disconnected from its audience, and Kazakhstanis stopped choosing it. During the pre-launch stage, we asked subscribers to share their photographs in exchange for a lifetime freeze on their plans. People shared their selfies on our promotional page and our promo zones in shopping centers. As a result, we gathered over 16,000 images! Using artificial intelligence, we've generated new brand personas. These are collective representations crafted from photographs of tens of thousands of Kazakhstani citizens. Embodied in the Metahuman technology, they have become the heroes of all ALTEL communications.Like some other companies worldwide, ALTEL followed the trend of creating a "typical customer" using AI, but we stood out as the only ones who brought it to life and turned it into an authentic brand character! Our heroes are not the imaginative creations of designers and marketers; they represent the visualization of valuable, specifically collected statistical and anthropological data! With a consistent media budget Ad Awareness has grown significantly (+7 pp) while competitors’ indicators have demonstrated negative growth or stagnation. The audience felt the brand had become closer (+ 3pp) - and reciprocated. We achieved double-digit growth of the Gross Intake (+26%), continued increasing our share in new subscriptions by 1.5 times (from 10,77% in April to 14,80% in August), reduced the Churn by 12%. From June 2023 the Net Intake began to exceed the Churn significantly, reversing the negative trend of the previous years. Attractive product offers delivered in an emotional way provided an unprecedented increase in sales (+25%), which exceeded the market growth by more than twice and resulted in brand’s Market Share historical maximum – 14%