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Collection of watches "Colors of Van Gogh" from the series "Colors of the World"

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The Luch brand appeared 70 years ago and still remains one of the leaders in the production of time instruments in the post-Soviet space, and is also conquering markets in other regions of the world. The brand "Luch" belongs to the Minsk Watch Factory, which has a full cycle of watch production. The classic Luch watch models have become the hallmark of the factory. In addition, limited collections began to appear in 2019. Limited collections of the Luch brand are exclusive series of watches produced in limited quantities and timed to coincide with significant dates and events. They are of great value to collectors and are sold through auctions. On Van Gogh's birthday, the Minsk Watch Factory released a new limited collection of watches "Van Gogh's Colors" from the "Colors of the World" series. The new collection was designed to increase brand awareness and expand the geography of sales. A Dutch designer was involved in the design of the watch. A creative photo session was held: faces of models were painted into Van Gogh's paintings. Also on Van Gogh's birthday, the Minsk Watch Factory held a number of educational events in different locations of Minsk. Passers-by were encouraged to draw a portion of a Van Gogh painting on canvas and then receive a physical postcard with the full drawing of the painting delivered to their postal address. In the coffee house "2209", owned by the Minsk Watch Factory, a lecture was held on the life and work of the artist, which was read by the Belarusian artist and graphic artist Leichenok Matvey. Once again, the participants of the event were invited to jointly paint a painting by Van Gogh under the guidance of a professional artist. They presented a collection of watches to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Belarus. A marketing campaign was carried out in social networks for the target audience in European countries. The collection (400 watches) was sold in three weeks. 35% of the products were sold on the EU market. For the first time, Luch watches were bought by residents in the Netherlands