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As a result of the social outbreak that occurred in Santiago de Chile and the violations of human rights by the Carabineros to the citizens who demonstrate in request of structural reforms to combat social and economic inequality. Later, unfortunately, the countries of Colombia and Cuba joined in their respective territories fighting against the repression exercised by the police authorities with extreme violence, leaving a hundred dead and injured as a result of the demonstrations. The "Social Outbreaks" campaign carried out by the independent media outlet Prensa Callejera is a request to the authorities of these countries to stop the abuse of power and attacks by the police forces that have been carried out in each demonstration carried out by the and the citizens of the countries of Chile, Colombia and Cuba. "Social outbursts" is a campaign to support the different peoples who fight for social and economic inequality. The campaign was a peaceful protest, in which the disproportion of the red color of each flag denotes the blood spilled by the citizens in each demonstration. In order to sensitize the authorities, a letter/request was sent with the powerful image of the flag with the intense disproportionate red of the blood spilled through the Consulates of said countries addressed to the authorities asking to stop the aggressions by of the police forces. The campaign sought to mobilize, generating empathy for this cause, counting on the solidarity and support of both public highway companies making billboard devices and LED screens available to disseminate the harsh pieces, as well as public figures and influencers who echoed the campaign sharing in RR.SS supporting and raising awareness with the call of #Fuerza to the citizens of each country. In turn, "Social outbreaks" was raised by various media, national and international.