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A Biscuit Wins Over Inequality

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Domaćica Biscuits


Never in the history of Croatia, a traditional, quite patriarchal country, has a national brand stepped forward in such a way to stand up for gender equality. A huge FUSS happened, but we succeeded: in the official dictionary (supported by the Ministry of Education), we managed to change the definition of a word (unfair for women)! The campaign also entered the education system: through the example of the campaign, workshops were held about inequality in the dictionary and in households. The massive reach (earned) made brand users more aware of the need for change. All that was made by one biscuit. But not just any: a favorite family brand for over 60 years, therefore ideal for talking about inequality in households. It boldly offered the power of its brand to cause change. And its name is identical to the word which definition we changed in the dictionary: DOMAĆICA