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Flame-grilled challenge

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We observed how gaming content was being created and consumed within the Elden Ring community—which was a format known as ‘challenge running’. The same has been true for all of Elden Ring’s developer’s games. Creators will ‘challenge run’ them, which involves creating a set of self-imposed rules to make the game as hard as possible for themselves, whilst making extremely entertaining content. These challenge runs could involve rules such as, “beating Elden Ring using a banana as a controller”, or “beating Elden Ring without attacking anything”. We made our own…, the “Flame-Grilled Challenge Run”, asking the Elden Ring community to “beat Elden Ring by only using fire spells to flame-grill everything in sight”. A feat which would be incredibly difficult… but unbelievably entertaining.. A feat that put our distinctive flame grilling asset at the heart of the work and in the hearts of the gaming community