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Clayton`s Brand Identity

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Organic clay products by Clayton`s


Clayton's draws inspiration from the unique properties of clay and the aesthetics of self-care rituals. The name "Clayton's" is derived from a toponymic surname meaning "a settlement built on clay soil". This name reflects the brand's focus on the ingredient and the family craft, instilling confidence in the product and emphasizing the producer's personal responsibility. The logo mirrors the main properties of clay – plasticity and softness, with the font's smooth architecture replicating the gentle movement of a cosmetic brush along the massage lines of the face and body. The color palette is subdued and natural, indicating the monocomponent and environmentally friendly nature of the cosmetics while also assisting with product line navigation. Plant prints, hand-crafted with Clayton's clay, allude to the use of natural and 100% organic ingredients. The images are utilized in layouts and packaging as decorative elements or for text placement. The additional branded element, the "Periodic table," symbolizes the absolute transparency of the composition of cosmetics. Clayton's is the perfect time for self-love.