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Street Memorials

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Street Memorials


The stories of 3,257 people killed, 35,000 tortured, and 70,000 incarcerated during former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.’s Martial Law dictatorship are being silenced on social media. These are stories of bravery that can enlighten the minds of Filipino youth. But these had to be told compellingly, away from the noise of online disinformation. So we took these stories offline, through STREET MEMORIALS. We identified exact locations where martial law heroes were murdered or last seen. Candles were then lit in these places - schools, sidewalks, bridges - on the month the late dictator’s ousting is commemorated. Remembering the heroes this way revealed more of the truth, as the candle wax filled in a mold illustrating the faces of each represented hero. These memorials also had a symbolic QR code that led to a spatial audio dramatization of these stories when scanned - creating a more tangible reminder of the heroes’ bravery & sacrifice, right where it happened.