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Call Mom

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Call Mom


Belgian telco leader Proximus is the player that invests most in the quality of their network. In order to sell a higher quality of network Proximus needed to show people who aren’t early adopters of technology that technology can make your life better. In order to get more people to experience technology for the better we wanted to get more people to not forget to call their mother on Mother’s day. So we chose to air on national radio at a moment of big reach: we planned to have our radio assets to air on Mother’s day with a reach of 1,5 Million listeners. We showed how technology can connect us by playing on the insight that mother’s all would like their children to call them more often, especially on Mother’s Day. But instead of a call, mother’s get a text. The beautiful thing is that we found that we all call our mother’s ‘mom’ in our phones so with a radio asset that triggers voice activation we could get all phones near a radio to call mom. The Call mom radio asset was created so it would trigger voice activation and call all mothers of people listening to the radio at that time. All we needed was one radio asset, broadcasted nationally on big radio stations at the same time so everyone would be calling their mom’s at the same time. The media creative way of combining voice activation and radio created a qualitative relationship with Proximus.