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The bulk of Tinkoff Business clients are small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and small teams. It was they who often used social networks, primarily Instagram, to communicate with the audience, promote and sell their products. Due to the blocking of social networks, businesses found themselves in a difficult situation, having lost key channels of communication. In addition, some entrepreneurs have said that they have lost up to 80% of their followers due to their migration to Russian social networks. At the same time, the Tinkoff mobile bank has long turned into a super application that covers not only the financial needs of customers, but also provides a large number of other features that make their life easier and more interesting. One of the application's content formats is stories. They are similar in form to Instagram Stories, and cover a wide range of topics: from financial advice to reviews of restaurants. We promptly responded to the situation and provided entrepreneurs with a platform for free, with an audience of more than 8 million people - that's how many active users enter the app's stories every month. Stories can be targeted based on age, gender, geography, purchase history - in order to accurately select those who are interested in learning about a new small brand and local business. In addition to visual content in Tinkoff stories, you can sew a link leading to the website of a store or brand. Any representative of small or medium business from Russia could take part in the project. It was possible to submit an application on the project website - the application included a short questionnaire with key information about the brand. The winners of the competition were determined by the Tinkoff Business ambassadors - the famous restaurateur, entrepreneur Alexander Sysoev and the founder of BioFoodLab (Bite brand) Elena Shifrina. 35 winners got the opportunity to tell about themselves in the stories of the Tinkoff app for free.