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Retrogusto by Uzumfermer


Situation: Uzumfermer is a winery located in Parkent and Kibray reagions near Tashkent. Today the winery grows over 100 grape varieties, 20 of which are special wine varieties. With a view to export their product, the company intended to develop a new wine line. Task The task was to create a new line of wine that would reflect the homeland of production, varieties, taste characteristics, as well as the year of the harvest itself. In addition, there was an aim to generate people’s awareness of the exceptional wines produced in their region. Solution As wine lovers pay much attention to the location where grapes were grown, we incorporated the contours of Kibray and Parkent regions' maps as a label on the wine bottles, emphasizing the origin of the wines. The new line of wines was named Retrogusto, meaning "aftertaste," to capture the sweetest and most exceptional stage of wine development. The aftertaste, with hints of citrus or chocolate, was a critical element of the wine's flavor profile.