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Close to heart

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As part of our ESG strategy, we provide systematic support to NGOs and charitable foundations: not only with direct financial assistance, but also by promoting the idea of charity among our clients. “Close to heart” is a rare example of using big data in a project with a social impact. This is not just another project where technology is used to entertain or sell something - with the help of our technological expertise, we solve important social problems. We found unexpected points of contact between people and NGOs in order to interest them in this topic. We know that positive reinforcement and genuine interest form the strongest habits and are most effective at changing people's behavior patterns. Therefore, within the framework of the project, we created an emotional connection between Tinkoff clients and participating funds. For the "Close to Heart" project, we created an algorithm that analyzed more than 105 million records of user data (dates of birth, names, purchases, regions of transactions, travel, etc.) in an anonymous mode. We approached the recommendation process in a non-standard way, for example, we analyzed the names and surnames of clients and the names of funds consonant with them. For each specific person, the algorithm could select three verified charitable foundations that are similar according to certain criteria. The algorithm recommends not only the largest and most famous funds, but also offers proven small NGOs. The recommendation algorithm was placed on the project landing page and in the Tinkoff mobile application. Here, each client could receive a personal recommendation and make a payment (one-time or regular). Directly from the project page, one could go to the special “Charity” section in the Tinkoff mobile app and make a regular donation to any of the hundreds of trusted foundations. We wrapped a huge amount of data and a complex algorithm in the form of a simple recommendation service - which, almost like in a dating application, helps you find the very fund close to your heart that you really want to help. All the mechanics took a matter of seconds, but at the same time expanded knowledge, horizons in the field of charity. The project benefited NGOs of various topics, sizes and geography and helped them find their loyal audience, and Tinkoff - to tell about our convenient products for transferring donations. We have shown that charity can be a part of everyone's lifestyle. We managed to stimulate the number of private donations and transferred 16,023,403 rubles to the accounts of charitable organizations in two months. Tinkoff's key asset is the company's customers. Helping others is an important part of life not only for the ecosystem, but also for the audience of our products and services throughout Russia. And our marketing projects allow non-profit organizations to tell their story to millions of Tinkoff users for free.