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Art installation "The Internet flies on the BCL"

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Mobile Internet speeds LTE MTS on the Bolshaya Koltsevaya Line of the Moscow Metro


"The Internet flies on the BKL" is a multimedia art installation created using neural networks and generative graphics in the form of a fairy–tale carpet, symbolizing the possibilities of high-speed Internet in the subway on a curved LED screen. The art object was installed at the Rizhskaya station, and its presentation was timed to coincide with the full launch of the BCL (the Big Ring Line of the Moscow Metro) and the opening of 5 new metro stations, including the Rizhskaya metro station (BCL). This image art installation was supposed to draw attention to the launch of the BCL and emphasize the innovation / brightness of the MTS brand, which provides high Internet speed throughout the BCL. An important feature and the main technological component of the project was that the graphics of the digital carpet threads were generated in real time, so the movement of the threads turned out to be unique each time. This was possible only thanks to the consistently high quality and speed of MTS mobile Internet. In addition to generative design technologies, a neural network was involved in creating content. In the content, we tried to demonstrate how, while the train is moving, the maximum network speeds allow you to correspond on social networks, listen to music, watch movies, download books and play games. However, what distinguishes the installation from the usual promo videos is the artistic reinterpretation of commercial images and their connection with abstract digital art.