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Boon Specialty Coffee has one mission: to always offer special and organic coffee roasts that deliver the finest, freshest, and most diverse coffee beans and flavors available in the UAE. They are commonly known in the category as ‘connoisseurs’. Since Boon is a home-grown UAE brand, we tied it to something UAE has been very proud of in recent years: pioneering space exploration. An Emirati astronaut recently went to space, followed by the successful launch of the Mars Hope probe. In March 2023, Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi reached the International Space Station (ISS) and is set to spend 180 days there. So, we started looking for our inspiration up there in the stars but ended up finding our idea down here, more precisely in a coffee cup. A black coffee, an espresso, a piccolo, or a fruit-infused variety are obviously not the same, not only in taste, but in color, consistency, and texture. But if we observe very closely, we can see planet shapes in the coffee! We can find Jupiter’s surface, Saturn, or even find planets that haven’t yet been discovered. And that's just Boon Coffee’s goal, to never stop reaching new grounds to find new flavors.