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Have a rest like a royalty!

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Royal tea RICHARD not only helps to relax a little and exhale every day, but also gives the opportunity for a full-fledged royal holiday. RICHARD project “Have a rest like a royalty!” — non-standard check promo with a prize in the form of a vacation in a luxury five-star hotel and a promo offer: buy RICHARD tea - register checks - win a royal weekend at the 5* “Metropol Hotel”. To involve the consumer, fuel the desire to win and encourage repeat purchases to increase the chances of winning, we placed an exact copy of the hotel's "Royal Suite" on the project's promosite using 360-mapping technology. And a convenient form of booking a room, created by analogy with hotel booking services, made it possible to create the necessary mood of anticipation of a holiday and book suitable dates. Also on the promosite users explored the legendary hotel and participated in online game: they were looking for items of the royal tea party in the “Metropol”. The prize fund also included gadgets, gift and cash certificates, promo codes and even a year's supply of RICHARD tea. To maximize audience engagement in the main outreach part of the digital campaign, we focused on conversion formats and targeting tools. Ad placement optimization was carried out according to the attention-metric.