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#momahr - Art Against Oblivion

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Museum of Modern Ahrts


We created a memorial and a piece of art called: „Museum of Modern Ahrts”. Our idea was twofold: 1.) create an unusual memorial/piece of art that can draw attention/spark conversation about the problem 2.) make an unusual exhibition for it to spread the message First we collected donated relics and personal items of the flood victims, and placed those objects in a cube made of transparent, 3,5 tonne epoxy resin with a side length of 1.407 m (reference for the date of catastrophe: 14th July) as an artistic symbol of the flood. The actual and symbolic objects of the cube tell the stories of the „Flood Heroes”, and it became a memorial of the fight against nature, and reminder of the fight against bureaucracy. Then we displayed the cube and its objects using innovative technology, and making the world's biggest outdoor exhibition, reaching millions of people with our message.