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Rebranding of the Moscow Art Theater Museum

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Moscow Art Theater Museum


The agency team, relying on the archive of F.I. Shekhtel with the first sketches of a seagull, drawings, typography and posters of the early twentieth century, revealed the foundations that were laid by Shekhtel, but over time deformed and lost their character. The aim of the project was to find an identity and identify the visual language of the Museum, which would be relevant today. The new corporate identity of the Moscow Art Theater Museum has many sources: drawings from the Shekhtel archive, artifacts from the museum and the theater, typographic finds: programs, badges, signs. Authentic 100-year-old numbers from the numbers from the theater wardrobe and from the original seats of the auditorium were used in the typeface. So the agency team tried to preserve the author's style and identity of the Moscow Art Theater, while betraying new colors.