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Touch post-production studio


Post-production is the final stage of video production, encompassing color correction, graphics, music, and sound design. Unfortunately, it is often underestimated and perceived as a phase lacking creativity, with endless iterations and automated revisions until everyone is satisfied. The founders of Touch sought to change this perspective and show, by example, that post-production is a creative process in which everyone can contribute to improve the project and add their final touch. The team emphasizes that a person's attitude towards their work is crucial. The concept of "human touch" was embodied in the naming and serves as the foundation of the identity. The studio's logo is adaptable to the team, always making an impression by partially overlapping photos, videos, or text. The dynamic lettering evokes the feel of a tag, while the text layout in the mock-ups bears resemblance to movie titles. The overlay effect and "noise" from design layouts are common in video production software and serve as industry symbols that have seamlessly integrated into the Touch studio's branding. As a result, the project's identity subtly yet unmistakably relates to the team's focus, harmonizing various elements into a unified concept, much like post-production itself.