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Volunteering as one of the instruments of "Education" national project


Big Idea: Interactive stand "Russian National Projects" placed at Forum for the Youth #MYVMESTE (#WEARETOGETHER) has been constructed as "career guidance" studio for volunteers, where one can play a role of a member of different important national projects (Demography, Culture, Science and Universities, Healthcare, Ecology, Education) and make a realy good deed. Implementation: Guests of the Forum were engaged in atmosphere of volunteers movement in 9 interactive zones. Emotional and educative activities were proposed to the guests in the form of quests. Guests voted for the project they liked with the stickers received for participation in different activities. Each sphere of volunteering was presented by a seperate zone with activities where guests could test themselves in particular speciality. " Silver volunteers" have painted and sent more than 1000 postcards with the wishes of long life to the elderly people. "Culture" national project was presented by the " Postcards by Pushkin" quize, where participants could get hints about the artistic sphere of their expertize. "Ecology" gave a chance to become a member of ecological quize and participate in Marathone of Rivers. In "Healthcare" zone we oganized a talk with volunteers - medical experts and told how to participate in the event "Preserving the Hearts" and make an express check up. " Sport is the standard of life" gave you a chance to become a member of marathon race, test your phisical condition and get life hacks of professtional sports trainers by Ready for Labour and Defence Programme. Participants could apply for the Russian Federal contest among the sports projects "You are in the game". In «Science and Universities" zone the guests were compiling the complex molecula. In "Professionalism" zone participants were given a chance to try the "wise" helmet on and, giving answeres to several questions could get an advise about promising future professions.