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fc Dynamo loyality programm


Dynamo is one of Russia's oldest football clubs, and the first to introduce English football to the country. As the club celebrates its centenary this year, it's time for a fresh new look that will carry it into the next hundred years. For the loyalty program's identity, we wanted to capture the full range of emotions that fans experience during a match - to reflect the pulse of the game, to convey the energy and excitement of the crowd, and to make every image come alive with movement and dynamism. At the heart of our concept is a dynamic logo and a versatile font system that features sharp transitions and bold typography. Our posters use bold cropping and vibrant, emotional photography to ensure that each image screams "goooooal!" The name "Dynamics" was inspired by the sense of motion and unity that fans experience when they come together to support their team. In football, fans are often referred to as the 12th player on the field. Now they also have their own uniform.