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You Name It

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Tinol Paints


For many years now, choosing a color in Lebanon has meant choosing a political side. All political parties has claimed a color to which it has become strongly associated, in branding, in protests, on billboards, marking their territories and creating more divisions among the Lebanese population particularly in the last Parliamentary Elections held in May 2022, which was their hopeful opportunity for change. Unfortunately, the Elections turned out to be a relentless war of colors among the different political parties, instead of a promise of change. The day after the election, the Lebanese people woke up to an even darker political context and a country loosing by the day its colorful spirit... This is when Tinol, a leading paint brand in Lebanon, decided to revolt by launching an unprecedented Film to retrieve all the colors, and mainly those hijacked by the political parties, and give them back to the Lebanese citizens. Tinol created a twisted Film in which RED claims to be BLUE, ORANGE to be GREEN, YELLOW to be RED, BLACK to be ORANGE and GREEN to be YELLOW… YOU NAME IT… The purpose being not only to free the colors and spread hope and positivity in every corner, but also revive our colorful Lebanon by emphasizing the freedom of speech, the diversity, and the liberty to express who you are, the way you want it. Revealing your own color became a sort of game, devoid of any heavy political connotation. In a very simple yet powerful way, this film created the opportunity for the Lebanese people to feel the change, to express their differences in a peaceful manner, and to be reminded that COLORS CAN SPEAK IN A THOUSAND WAYS.