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KCM Showroom

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KCM company, the seller of ceramic building materials


KCM is the largest representative of Russian and European building ceramics factories. For 25 years the company has been selling its products to individual consumers and development companies. The building materials market has changed, and now more and more often it is the architect who has become the decision maker on the choice of bricks. Therefore, when designing the showroom, we created a space that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to this target group. The minimalistic showroom has been designed in neutral black and white, retaining the original concrete of the load-bearing walls, and adding the stainless steel. They become a frame for colorful ceramic materials. The space is built on contrasts and opposites: the smooth surface of the stainless steel furniture and the rough texture of the bricks, cold and warm, metal and fired clay. We designed the showroom with three zones just as the company name is made up of three letters. We have deciphered the name, with K for “Коммуникация” ('communication’), C for “Стиль” (’style’), and M for “Материалы” (’materials’), and assigned these names to each of the spaces. Room 1 (“Коммуникация” - 'communication’) is for meetings, acquaintances, and communication. It includes a reception and an open meeting room with a small library. Additionally, it can be used as an exposition space or transformed into a lecture room. Room 2 (“Стиль” - ’style’) is a showroom for contemporary ceramic materials of various types and styles. We have moved away from the standard way of displaying bricks on walls — this would have been superfluous in a brick building. To showcase the masonry, we have come up with steles with replaceable panels. There are stands and display shelves for certain types of bricks and tiles. Room 3 (“Материалы” - ’materials’) is a brick “library”, a depository with an extensive collection of brick masonry samples. The selected materials are convenient to work with at a special table or in a small workshop nearby.