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Deluxe-class residential complex MANTERA Seaview residence


The Product: The deluxe-class residential complex MANTERA SEAVIEW RESIDENCE is located on the seafront, in the setting of a unique natural landscape which can only be found in Sochi. The Aim: The aim is to create a promo video the duration of which is 30-35 seconds. We need to show the architecture, infrastructure, landscape and interior design of the MANTERA SEAVIEW RESIDENCE and present the project to the target audience so that it would be moved emotionally. The Customer’s Insight: Today Sochi becomes a closer and more expected alternative to the Mediterranean. Buying a high-class resort of MANTERA SEAVIEW RESIDENCE does not just allow to rest at one’s own home at the seaside and also ski at winter, it represents the perspective of living in the region with the mild subtropical climate and enjoying life every day, when business interests no longer require one’s constant personal attendance. The Idea: The couple, a man and a woman, live together in the MANTERA SEAVIEW RESIDENCE. He is calm and level-headed, prudent and finicky about every detail. He always has everything according to plan. She is the opposite. She is the only one who can throw him off his balance. She is flamboyant, emotional and provocative. We show exciting footage of their lives in the house they care about. The plot of the video is structured in such manner that the project reveals itself gradually. First it reveals the key advantages of the residence from the inside – the terraces, beautiful views, a swimming pool and a courtyard. In the last shot, the heroine addresses the viewer, and the project is presented "full-size" with the use of general plans. The Technology: 3D graphics, animation of the interior design, architecture and landscape, live action shooting on locations, tracking of 3D live action shooting and composing.