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Tours to Cultures

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Every year, stress levels continue to rise. Just as the pandemic seemed to be subsiding, 2022 brought new reasons for concern. Simultaneously, finding solace through travel has become increasingly difficult. To address this mounting stress, Yandex Travel took the initiative to make travel more accessible and inspire people to explore new destinations within the country. Thus, the Tours to Cultures project was born. It consists of: - A website showcasing various calming traditions from 15 different ethnic groups residing in Russia. - A collection of pajamas collaboratively designed with local clothing brands, featuring folk patterns. - A playlist of lullabies performed by folk artists and native speakers, accompanied by traditional instruments and nature sounds. For recording the lullabies, we enlisted local artists who are fluent in their respective cultures and languages. For instance, the Tatar lullaby was performed by the Juna group from Kazan, while the Karelian ILMU group from Petrozavodsk contributed to the project as well. Each performer added their own unique touch to the lullabies, whether through distinctive singing styles or the incorporation of folk instruments. The recordings were based on traditional melodies preserved in archives or passed down through generations. Composer-created ambient music, tailored to the key, melody, and modes of each performer, served as the backdrop for the singing. Consequently, every lullaby evolved into a complete ambient track, blending elements of modern music and folk traditions. The album not only includes the tracks themselves but also incorporates Alice's stories. These narratives provide listeners with insights into the respective cultures immediately following the playing of each lullaby. Each story offers brief information about the ethnic group, anecdotes related to the lullaby, and an invitation to explore their customs in person. The seamless integration of ambient music ensures a smooth transition between the lullabies and the accompanying stories.