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Perle de la Mer

Advertised product

New summer make-up collection


Vivienne Sabó has launched Perle de la mer — a new summer make-up collection inspired by the beauty of the underwater world, i.e. pearls, all shades of coral reefs’ palette and mysterious sirens. One of the main objective was to make the launch noticeable and to draw attention to the new collection. We have made 3D product videos for social media that highlighted the concept of the underwater world and emphasized beautiful textures of the collection. The videos, made in a popular ‘oddly satisfying’ style, have managed to capture the audience, while the contemplating effect of the deep-water life helped to relax and unwind. As a result, these videos have received millions of views. To encourage the viewers to make purchases, we have added interactive activity to every video. Not only it invited the viewers to watch the collections closely, but it also enticed them to take part in a contest and solve deepwater puzzles in the chat bot. The winner of the contest received awards and discounts for make-up products. The stunning videos fascinated the audience, and we got enormous outreach. We have also managed to inform the consumers about the product.