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Samsung Galaxy S22


Despite being portrayed by local media as the uninvolved worry-free "Generation Zen", Romanian Gen Z have plenty of things that keep them up at night from depression to climate change anxiety. For the launch of the new Galaxy S22 Series which came with an epic Nightography feature for low-light filming, Samsung created #22EpicNights. The first music album signed by local Gen Z artists voicing the struggles that keep Romanian Gen Z up at night. 22 original songs and 22 music videos shot entirely on a Galaxy S22 Ultra, at night, to offer Gen Z a stage to express their feelings. The album become the most discussed Romanian music project of the year and reached 6.7m views in a country whose Gen Z population is 4m. S22 became the most successful Galaxy launch ever in Romania as the market share of Galaxy S Series grew by 50%. The number of Gen Z users of Samsung Galaxy S Series increased by 30% in just one year and the overall interest for Samsung Galaxy S22 doubled in Romania, according to Google Trends.