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Mayakovsky Norilsk North Drama Theater

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The Mayakovsky Norilsk North Drama Theater was founded in 1941-1942 under the harsh conditions of Stalin’s camps. Art became the key to inner- and sometimes legal- freedom for many talented people. The core of its positioning is its distinctive geographical location. The “most northern” theatre in the world was built of will and creativity, and the Norilsk Drama Theater has been an integral part of the spiritual life of the Norilsk population for many years. The renewed logo keeps continuity with the historic one, becoming more up-to-date and dynamic. The unexpected image of Orpheus on skates is developed in the new reading. The skater’s attributes, a theatrical mask and a guiding star in his hands, symbolize freedom and striving for the future. The unique typographic style expressively underlines the theater’s territorial affiliation and the beginning of its history. The basic corporate blue has taken on a deeper tone, while the ochre-gold accentuates the details. A series of abstract illustrations is inspired by the natural features of Norilsk, which are characteristic of the three theater seasons. Merchandise with paintings by renowned Siberian artist Damir Muratov adds a finishing touch to the image of a modern theater with a tragic, yet incredible history.