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Not only the 8th of March

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BACKGROUND In Uzbekistan women have no time for education. 74% do not continue their education or attend university. No time for job: 38% of husbands forbid their wives from having jobs. No time for themselves: 80% of the population prefers women to serve their families at home. They are taught to cook...to clean...and to take care of children. PROBLEM In Uzbekistan, for men housework is shame – it is UYAT! To pick up a vacuum cleaner is shame, to clean up the table is shame, to wash clothes – is shame it is UYAT! Even the thought of is – UYAT! But everything changes on March 8th, International Women's Day. Men think they are showing care by giving women appliances as gifts and even doing some household chores themselves. IDEA That’s how the concept was created: “Not Only the Eighth of March” in advertising campaign from the Ishonch – home improvement store. Every day, the video raised the question of domestic equality. RESULTS And what about the men? They started to react: commenting, posting and re-posting on social networks, recording videos, and finally – doing household chores themselves... Not only the Eighth of March! The campaign reached more than a half of the country's population – 23 400 000. Even the Mullah of Tashkent, the country's most influential spiritual authority, said in a sermon that men should share household chores every day, and not only on the 8th of March.