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China has the largest amount of intangible cultural heritage in the world. However, many inheritors in remote areas are racking their brains every day to find more stages and audiences for their performances. Some choose to find alternative careers to support their families, while others are forced to use intangible cultural heritage as their second choice or hobby. The constant loss of inheritors has left many skills in danger of being lost. We hope to inspire those inheritors who are still struggling to find a stage and audience for their performances to sign up for Kuaishou and gain the attention of more people to regain their confidence and enthusiasm for non-genetic heritage. In Kuaishou APP, one intangible cultural heritage video is born every three seconds, and more than 15 million intangible cultural heritage creators are active in the Kuaishou community. We select 3 famous inheritors who have grown from unknown to hundreds of thousands of followers by signing up for the Kuaishou. Then create three different performance stages from the interface they use when they are live. We liken their fans to the audience in the auditorium, integrate the environment they live in into the stage, and present the highlights of their performances to the audience perfectly. we ran this series of print to show the power of kuaishou ,more heritage inheritors downloaded the kuaishou app and more people watched video of theirs .