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Kazakh buy-book

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Magnum retail chain


The problem of the national language is the current major issue in Kazakhstan. According to history, due to the legacy of the Soviet Union, part of the country still speaks only Russian and doesn't know even the minimum basic level of national Kazakh language. Although it's enough to learn a hundred basic words to know basic level of any language. Most of these basic words are fast-moving consumer goods for everyday use. And all of them you can find on the website of Magnum, the biggest retail chain of the country. We came up with, as people said later, a "smart and simple" idea - "Kazakh buy-book": learn basic Kazakh words while shopping for basic goods at Magnum! All websites in Kazakhstan are in two versions - in Kazakh and in Russian. Of course, Russian-speaking buyers use only Russian version of the Magnum website. That’s why we added Kazakh translation right on the images of basic goods on the Russian version of the site. Now Russian-speaking buyers simultaneously see Kazakh names of basic goods while shopping. By unconsciously memorizing and learning basic Kazakh words. It went viral on social and mass media. People said this simple way of learning the national language is non-coercive and time-saving. It evoked the warmest feelings of appreciation and positive attitude towards the Magnum brand by both Russian-speaking and Kazakh-speaking customers. People have started tagging other retailers, urging them to follow. In just a week from the beginning, Magnum's initiative received wide coverage in social networks, mass media, and influencers. Thanks to such publications, more and more people learn the basic words of the national Kazakh language. Magnum increased the brand awareness and knowledge of product range and prices.