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Dodo Pizza Brand Manifesto 2022

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DODO Pizza


What role does Dodo play in people's lives and what place does it have in a rapidly changing world? We asked this question while working on the new positioning of Dodo Pizza. The search for answers began with research, interviews, and feedback. We decided that they would be the basis of our manifesto. In the script, we use direct quotes from interviews, comments, complaints, and suggestions. All of the Dodo employees in the video are not actors. In all of the advertising we create for Dodo, we strive to be as close to reality as possible and to take insights from research. This manifesto is a large collective example of this approach. Together with Dodo, our simple goal is to make advertising as sincere as possible. The script for this video was written in the spring of 2022, when many were experiencing similar feelings of the meaninglessness of everything. And in this manifesto, together with the Dodo team, we tried to formulate what we see as the meaning of continuing to act despite everything.