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n order for such a progressive university as OmSTU to attract the best applicants, be competitive in the educational market and fulfill major tasks for the industrial sector, cardinal changes are needed. It's time to move away from the old and make a leap into the future. To create not just a modern corporate identity, but a flexible, adaptive design system that will present the university as technological, creative and innovative. The updated logo retains continuity: three symbols form the coat of arms. Whatever formats and tasks appear, the design system adapts flexibly to them. To do this, you can use literally all the elements of the logo ― from whole brackets, squares and circles to their parts. The empty space between the upper and lower brackets was also used. The logo is laid out in a pattern that symbolizes the unity of the student community, as well as the ability to go beyond. The square bracket is used in mathematics when it is necessary to set the priority of an operation, and represents the scientific community. This is a reliable roof of the house, under which the environment of OmSTU lives and develops. It is embodied in the synergy of technical and humanitarian, symbolizing a large range of university competencies. Technical sciences in the form of a square is a metaphor of accuracy, scientific. It is flexibly surrounded by the humanities. The curly bracket is another symbol of education, as well as the unification of science and creativity, a variety of educational directions, knowledge, people, and opportunities of OmSTU.