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Theatrum. Private theatre branding

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Theatrum. Private theatre


«THEATRUM» is a private theatre opened at the end of 2022 in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Positioning. We decided to play with the idea, that theatre is always innovative and opening something new. New performance, new faces, new reading of old well-known works. Fresh ideas that never came across our minds before and unknown feelings that were so far overlooked. Every time we open up something personal for the first time and that’s why we look forward to opening every new theatre season. Brand slogan – «Opened and opening». In this tagline we managed to unite most senses carried by a word «opening». It is about the fact, that this theatre is literally new and just-built, as well as it being the most contemporary and innovative in the region. It’s about associations of what a theatre literary opens for its audience – curtains, season, new talents and stars, new impressions and emotions, new meanings and topics for reflection. Use of alliteration (repetition of words) significantly increases the slogan recall. During the work on this project, it was important to provide transforming a logo from full version to abbreviation – «THEATRUM» to «THR». That’s why we used a connecting stroke as an additional element, which both reflects brand positioning and organically joins the letters H and R. All graphic elements of the style are formed from logo symbols. For text blocks’ design we employed lines, that connected words and sentences. They organically emphasize positioning of the theatre and integrate in reading trajectory, that opens up desired information for the audience. Another technique used was transformation of logo into abbreviation: animation of the theatre’s name and its short version reminds of opening and closing stage curtain and is another reference to slogan and theatre as a whole.