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Association Gzhel


Gzhel The branding of the "Gzhel Association" combines the past and the present, traditions and modernity. Blue, but not boring, orderly, not chaotic, simple and versatile, it looks great both on the plane and in volume. Here the graphics show the shape of the product, whether it is an illustration on a poster, a plate or a branded T-shirt, and the white color acts as a full participant in the action. The three—point sign is an unexpected and natural decision, it is a challenge and provocation, it is a modern association of Gzhel. The writing combines rounded and sharp elements, similar to the sinuous Gzhel products, and the brutal square shapes with which it is cast. The combination of rounded and sharp elements adds plasticity to the font, makes it more similar to Gzhel products, and rounded in the new spelling rhyme with the sign.