White Square | Белый Квадрат




«What is the meaning and benefit of your participation in advertising festivals in general, and in “White Square” in particular, what is this benefit for you personally, for your companies, for the communications industry?». With such a question we turned to the juries and speakers of the festival and here the answer we received from our dear Italian friend Tommaso Mezzavilla, Executive Digital Creative Director of RobilantAssociati: “For me Participating to an advertising festival means a great opportunity to share, connect and evolve: exactly what happens at White Square.
Share at White Square: You see thousands of works, you talk about visions of the future, creative objective, creative ideas with people from all over the word working in adverting.
Connect at White Square: This is one of the best places I’ve ever been to enlarge my network. Every year I meet great creatives, young talents, innovative managers and some of them become friends rather than connection!

Evolve at White Square: Every time I came back home from Minsk I definitely felt enriched because of different international creativity and cultures I got connected with.

As a Creative I love to get inspired”.