White Square | Белый Квадрат




We continue to figure out what well-known advertisers from different countries consider the mission of international festivals of creativity, and particularly of White Square. This is what  Riccardo Rachello, Senior Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, The Netherlands, who served a Branding jury member at White Square 2017, thinks about this subject: “I think festivals are a great opportunity to take time and measure the pulse of the industry. I think in every field there’s a time for doing and a time for weighing what’s been done, this in order to reassess the next steps. As a creative, being part of a jury is a great chance to burst your own judgment bubble and see what criteria the rest of the industry uses to draw the line between excellent and not so good. In case of White Square particularly for me, there’s the big plus of watching work that didn’t necessarily made it all the way to Amsterdam and that was made by and for a different culture. For the industry in general, festivals is where we award work that should stand as example for the year to come. It’s the moment where the industry thinks which direction to steer in order to remain relevant with the time. So there’s that, and the good fun you have hanging out with a bunch of nice people!”