White Square | Белый Квадрат




We continue to acquaint you with the opinions of professional community about the role of creative festivals for our industry and those who work in it. Right now we will share the thoughts and ideas of White Square Branding jury Chairman 2017, Creative director and partner of Le Balene, Italy Francesco Guerrera: “Participating in festivals and contests is the best way to learn in the quickest possible way. This because you can concentrate a lot of learning moment in a single shot. The experiences I had all around the world allow me to say that I have learned more in the few days of festivals than in hours and hours of meetings and presentations. We all have incredible benefits because culture is the last barrier against the ignorance that we all see in social media and around us. Being an Industry and acting like an Industry is one of the most important assets for us, and festivals like the White Square is vital for a region that truly needs fresh air and a different look from the outside. It was the same for Italy 5 years ago, than we and few other fellows decided to create IF! Italians Festival, and the repercussions on our reputation has really grown a lot since then”.