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We go on sharing the opinions of international experts on industrial benefits of creative festivals. Here is what exactly Fernando Pérez, Senior Designer at Interbrand, Spain, thinks about it: “When creatives such as myself participate in advertising festivals, we gather to inspire, innovate, and recognize today’s challenges in communication.

Today’s consumer has high expectations and is looking to be surprised and inspired. For myself, this means the opportunity of bringing the branding perspective to a world inundated with stimuli. The importance of standing out is becoming ever more valuable in a saturated marketplace and this is where creatives should take the lead and contribute fresh ideas to leap ahead. Consistency is no longer enough, a shift to coherence will push brands to next level.

For my company, Interbrand, being in the branding industry for 40 years and having worked with more than 5,000 brands worldwide, we recognize now more than ever the need for differentiation and authenticity to confront these challenges. For us, this means making iconic moves. The integration of the strategic and creative teams allows us to not only activate brave creations but work together to ensure the results exceed market expectations.

White Square is the meeting of the minds and creatives where head and heart come together to innovate and to move boldly. I hope to bring to the White Square stage my vision and experience of connecting strategy and creativity to inspire others to make the right iconic moves”.